Tango Festivals

To be listed under Festivals the event has to have more than one couple doing workshops and demonstrations and it has to be held for more than one day. If these conditions are not fulfilled it will fall under ‘Special events’.

Toronto Tango 8 Festival

01 – 05 September 2022

Experience tango and amazing hospitality with friendly Toronto tango community for 5 days of tango marathon with super GOOD vibes, tango teachers (Alejandra & Daniel, Los Totis, Maja & Marko, Bulent & Lina) and some of most popular Tango Marathon DJs.

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

Sultans of Istanbul Tango Festival

02 – 07 November 2022

Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival is an unique event that brings the best features of a tango marathon and festival together.​ While Marathoners are dancing crazy at day & afterparty milongas, Festival-lovers can took classes,or join a city tour or basically rest. And at Night Milongas all participants come together to share their tango

LOCATION: İstanbul, Turkey